The Big Secret They Don’t Want You to Know

The world is full of secrets. Some are known and some are unknown. But here the secret that the Jews and Amazon do not want anyone to know it. And ready to do anything to keep this secret hidden. But I think the whole world must know the truth.

Six Million Jews


Facebook’s Fake News Censorship Campaign

Stefan Molyneux and Alex Jones discuss Facebook’s new plan to suppress outlets and stories that they deem to be fake news. Who decides what is fake news? Heavily liberal outlets and mainstream media sources, of course!

Since the age of 20, Alex Jones has been working in alternative media – starting with an access television show and growing into the wildly syndicated Alex Jones Show which is now on over 160 stations across the United States.

In addition to the wide radio audience, is a massive online news platform read by millions and millions each month and the streaming channel hosts Infowars Nightly News, special reports and Alex’s many documentary films.

The Abnormalization of Dissent

The spin, lies, manipulation and deceptions are coming so fast and thick it’s increasingly difficult to document them all, let alone analyze them. But in the broad sweep of recent events we can see a common theme emerging: the abnormalization of dissent. And when political ideology boils down to nothing more than “real” and “fake” the control of political discourse through language itself is almost complete. Can outright censorship be far behind?

16 Year Old German Girl Talks About Muslim Immigration, Destruction Of Her Country

Some of you asked for this video with hard-coded subs. here it is. The subs seem too big, but that’s because of the format/size of the original video, so the subs get mushed. The original video with Youtube subs, which are easier to read, is here:


Germany and Facebook censor users in order to suppress statements that oppose German mass immigration, islamisation, rape and murder of Germans, mostly by muslims.
Censorship has been outsourced to the Bertelsmann company Arvato. Most German politicians, incl. socialist Heiko Maas (SPD) and chancellor Merkel are behind its introduction in early 2016.

Read more about German censorship and Facebook:,2817,2498106,00.asp

This video is mirrored from the original, now censored FB account.
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