Bilderberg Documents Leaked! – Iraq War Plan Exposed!

An incredible treasure trove of documents has been leaked online detailing a number of Bilderberg conferences dating all the way back to the 50’s. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows how the Bilderberg group is clearly steering society in the direction they choose with the ability to effect the outcome of nearly any given situation by use of their sphere of influence.


Exclusive Inside The Bilderberg 2016 Agenda and Hotel

In this video Luke Rudkowski is inside the Bilderberg hotel right before it is locked down for its 2016 secret annual confab. We go over the latest press release and statements from the bilderberg website as well as take you inside before the lockdown. We give you an insight to what is actually happening inside the meeting and how the events will unfold throughout the next days.

Follow what happens at the Bilderberg Meeting 2016 here

Rothschild Head Confronted At Bilderberg

Franco Bernabe Vice Chair of Rothschild Europe and Bilderberg Steering Committee member was confronted at a train station in Innsbruck, Austria as he was leaving the secretive Bilderberg 2015 confab.

Reporter Tilman Knechtel from Germany upset that his defense minister is being tapped as the next chancellor gave Mr Bernabe several chances to identify himself.

He also chastised the Bilderberg Steering Committee member for being part of a secret organization with tax payer funded security.

The Rothschild Vice Chair that he was just attending a private meeting and everything was on the internet for all to see.