Trump To Release Secret Technology To Public / China Is Globalist’s Last Hope To Stop Trump

AJ knew early on that Trump would be the right man for this historic period. At first he was behind Ted Cruz because he liked a lot of his rhetoric but Trump has excelled past expectations only 2 days in. Trump intends to flood the world of globalism. He will transfer and order big pharma companies to not just treat cancer but to give us the cures. Disruptive technologies will finally reach the common man under Trump, live extension technology, similar to those featured in the film Elysium. The biggest secret of Trump is that he intends to turn loose all these disruptive technologies and let our partners have them, Russia and others.


Facebook’s Fake News Censorship Campaign

Stefan Molyneux and Alex Jones discuss Facebook’s new plan to suppress outlets and stories that they deem to be fake news. Who decides what is fake news? Heavily liberal outlets and mainstream media sources, of course!

Since the age of 20, Alex Jones has been working in alternative media – starting with an access television show and growing into the wildly syndicated Alex Jones Show which is now on over 160 stations across the United States.

In addition to the wide radio audience, is a massive online news platform read by millions and millions each month and the streaming channel hosts Infowars Nightly News, special reports and Alex’s many documentary films.